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Alternative decommissioning options: Rigs To Reef - Members Only

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Decom North Sea are currently developing a Member Portal - with the objective of being a user friendly, easy to navigate portal which provides key information on all matters relating to decommissioning.

The content of this portal is currently in development, and as such the information on this website is in a transitional phase. 

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The rig to reef (RTR) program is considered to be more economically and environmentally friendly than the total removal, as the structure is not entirely removed from the sea. There are four main techniques used during the RTR program::

a)Leaving the structure in situ

b)Sinking the structure

c)Cutting the upper part of the structure at 85 feet below the sea level and placing the remaining part on the sea bed

d)Towing the entire structure to another site and sinking it


Source: Macreadie, 2011

More information about Rigs to Reef available to members.

More information about becoming a member of Decom North Sea can be found here.

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