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January 2018 Bitesize Decom

Building on the feedback we have received from our recent events and to ensure that our events continue to add value to our member companies, we will be rebranding our Lunch and Learns in 2018 to a series of “Bitesize Decom” events.

These events will focus on the latest decommissioning sector updates, learnings and opportunities, with a structure implemented across the series:

  • Latest late life and decommissioning news 
  • A round-up of decommissioning project updates of the work our operator members have been doing and the work that is coming up
  • Overview of Decom North Sea led projects and initiatives 
  • Case Studies from Decom North Sea members, integrated with L2P2
  • Operator update
  • An opportunity to ask questions about the sector

“Bitesize Decom” events will continue to provide the opportunity for members to maximise their networking with key players from across the decommissioning sector and Decom North Sea will continue to organise the popular facilitated introductions for our member companies.
Please note that bookings for these events will open in due course.

Get Involved
We are looking for Decom North Sea members who are interested in presenting their case studies and learnings at these events (please note that overt sales pitches will not be considered). This would involve delivery of a 10 - 15 minute presentation and participation in a Q&A panel afterwards to key players within the decommissioning sector. To submit your interest, please e-mail with:

  • Your company name
  • Proposed presenter details
  • 200 word (maximum) abstract on the presentation focus.

Joint presentations illustrating how member companies are working together will be considered. All submissions will be reviewed and selected by our marketing and communications sub-committee. The deadline for submitting your interest is Tuesday 10 October 2017.


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