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June 2017 Lunch & Learn

Decom North Sea Lunch and Learn - Your Gateway to Decommissioning

Decommissioning. How many times have you heard that word in recent years?

Decom North Sea knows that you have heard it a lot, but we also know that - like all emerging industries – it can be a difficult concept to fully comprehend.

However, it’s imperative that those who need to understand the decommissioning market are equipped with the knowledge and tools with which to make the most of an industry whose UK spend alone is forecast at an estimated £17.6 billion over the next decade (Oil & Gas UK Decommissioning Insight Report 2016).

This is a significant commercial opportunity for the supply chain, in particular those companies offering cost-efficient solutions which could help restore competitiveness to the basin.

But how do you make sure you have that knowledge and those tools? Start by attending our Lunch and Learn sessions. We are the industry body focused on decommissioning; there is simply no better way of becoming active in the sector.

At each event, you will be in the company of over 100 Decom North Sea members, non-members and partners. They hail from across the globe, and all are interested in North Sea decommissioning.

You will hear from industry peers about new technology and developments, lessons learned, case studies, collaborative partnerships and efficient and effective ways of working within decommissioning.

You will also have plenty of opportunity to maximise your networking with key players from across industry.

It’s an exciting time to become a part of the decommissioning sector – Decom North Sea Lunch and Learn sessions provide the very best environment in which to do so.

How this event works:
During the course of each session, you will hear from companies each representing a different part of the supply chain. Our June Lunch and Learn includes presentations from the following companies:

  • CNR International (UK) Ltd
  • DNV GL
CNR International (UK) Ltd

CNR International (UK) Ltd – NNP Decommissioning Project – our Second Platform
Murdo MacRitchie, Project Leader, CNR International (UK) Ltd

NNP is the second platform that CNR will decommission. Our planning and preparations for decommissioning NNP have been underpinned by lessons learned from Murchison, our first decommissioning project. This presentation will discuss our approach to the Decommissioning Plan and our strategy for the jacket and pipelines, project timelines and current update, high level contract strategy and our engagement with onshore disposal yards.

Pipeline Decommissioning – The Cost Effective Capture and Disposal of Pipeline Cleaning Fluids
John Baross, Managing Director, Axis Energy Projects

Axis Energy Projects has a long track record in providing extended well test export systems in many configurations to suit specific projects.  These fluid transfer systems can be easily adapted such that pipeline cleaning fluids, from pigging or flushing operations, can be captured in a tanker or other suitable vessel and subsequently disposed of.  Large or small volumes can be accommodated and much of the water can be knocked out offshore, thus reducing onshore fluid disposal costs.  We believe the system can significantly reduce pipeline decommissioning costs.


Asset Life Cycle Knowledge Retention
Steven Coull, Asset Leader, Structural Integrity Management, DNV GL

Structural Integrity Management is about developing knowledge of the threats to your assets and the mitigations put in place to manage those threats. Over the course of an asset’s life a good body of information and knowledge can be built up which can significantly aid the decommissioning process. However this body of information and knowledge is only useful if it is capture adequately at the time, and is readily available when it is required. This presentation will discuss how effective knowledge management during operational life can significantly aid the decommissioning process. Whilst set against a background of structural integrity, the themes may equally be applied to other disciplines.

Active Passive Heave Compensation Beneficial in the Decom?
Erik ter Horst, Engineering Manager, SAL Offshore 

Active Passive Heave Compensation system (AHPC) system for offshore heavy lifts, installation and removal. The AHPC is a system that allows existing cranes to be modified to Active Heave Compensation against moderate cost. 

The concept consists of a conventional Passive heave system in combination with an Active heave component; this allows a minor modification of the existing crane.  The patent for this system was granted to SAL end of 2016.  SAL Offshore is convinced that this system – as well as the services of SAL, off course – could be of great benefit to the Decommissioning industry.

Decom North Sea Project Update

Decom North Sea Project Update - Environmental Appraisal Guidelines
Nathan Swankie, Principal, Ramboll Environ

On behalf of Decom North Sea, Ramboll Environ is leading a project to develop Environmental Appraisal Guidelines for Offshore Decommissioning.  These Guidelines are intended to enable a more proportionate and efficient approach to the assessment of environmental issues associated with offshore decommissioning projects. This presentation is a project update and will therefore briefly describe the objectives of the project, progress to date and the project status, including anticipated consultation and reporting timescales.

Facilitated Introductions
We know that networking is a fundamental – and very popular - element of our Lunch and Learn sessions. So why not let us make the introductions for you? Facilitated Introductions will be available exclusively to Decom North Sea Members, organised either in advance or on the day. If there is anyone in particular that you would like to meet, please let a member of the Decom North Sea executive team know and we will facilitate an introduction.

Please contact Izzie Bryce for more information: telephone 01224 914 044 or email

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