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Strategic Decom in partnership with MDT International Ltd - Introduction to Decommissioning: Planning to Execution

The overall objective of this course is to provide delegates with an introduction to, and awareness of, the activities involved in the whole life-cycle of a decommissioning project. You will learn the associated key issues from initial planning through execution.   The principles introduced are transferable across most assets and facilities and provide an insight from an Operator’s perspective, hence providing the most comprehensive introduction to all aspects of the decommissioning process.

Course Content:

Understanding the Context of Offshore Decommissioning

  • Identify the characteristics of typical offshore installations
  • Determine the scope of decommissioning operations

Health, Safety, Environmental and Legal considerations associated with Offshore Decommissioning

  • Legal requirements, acts, guidelines, conventions and bodies which govern offshore decommissioning activity
  • Component parts of the UK Decommissioning Program
  • Main Safety Acts, Regulations and information sources applicable to on/offshore decommissioning
  • Typical factors that can impact on safety in operational and decommissioning activity
  • Associated environmental considerations

The importance of robust stakeholder engagement

  • Main considerations when engaging stakeholders
  • Stakeholder engagement process

Methods and considerations for cost planning

Typical offshore production asset’s lifecycle cost model

  • Economic modeling and decision making factors
  • Estimation techniques and requirements
  • Sources of available cost information for asset types

Requirements for decommissioning an asset offshore

  • Scheduling of offshore decommissioning activities
  • Requirements for well plugging and abandonment (P&A)
  • Decommissioning options and issues for a range of typical offshore wells
  • Types of offshore pipelines, their configurations and options for decommissioning them
  • Requirements for decommissioning subsea structures
  • Removal/lifting process

Onshore dismantling of decommissioned assets

  • Options for waste disposal

Ongoing liability obligations post-decommissioning

  • Post decommissioning ongoing liability obligations and implications

Improvements in the decommissioning process

  • Explore and discuss areas for improvement

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