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Webinar - ECITB - Decommissioning - Planning Ahead

The DECOMMISSION phase represents the final phase in an asset lifecycle and caters for cessation of facility operation and the removal and potential dismantling of asset facilities both safely and without harm or detriment to the environment. Consideration of asset decommissioning strategy is required during the very early phases of a potential project investment and is a key requirement of the regulatory bodies during the process of development planning and licensing. Decommissioning should therefore be largely a process of implementing the decommissioning strategies and plans that were identified and documented during the early project lifecycle phases, with adjustments as necessary to accommodate any changes to the asset that have occurred through further development or modification during the period of operation.

The key to the DECOMMISSION phase is therefore forward planning, although due to the normally extensive periods of asset operation which precede cessation of production, decommissioning of an asset is commonly planned and executed as a discreet project.

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