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Well Decom in partnership with MDT International Ltd - Well Decommissioning: Principles and Practice

A 3-day well decommissioning course intended primarily for technical staff, providing participants with an introduction to all technical aspects.  The content and exercises will prepare you for well specific decommissioning work, and will also provide a sound introduction to working within a decommissioning team.

Course Content:


  • Scene setting regarding the importance of good decommissioning practice in the modern world.  UK and global context

Key Definitions

  • Regulation – Guidelines – Standards. Critical definitions in the context of UK Guidelines, their meaning and interpretation

Permanent Barriers

  • Meaning of permanence, types of barrier, materials, size etc.  The importance of annular cement and the definition of corporate standards in defining the effectiveness of annular barrier 

Verification, Responsibilities and Accountability

  • The importance of verification in all aspects of well decommissioning. The role and responsibilities of Technical Authorities, the Well Examiner and Management

Special Considerations

  • A review of the full spectrum of technical features to be considered during well P&A planning, from sour fluids to sealing and healing formations

Key Phases of Abandonment

  • Industry definitions, their meaning and intent.  Phasing activities to manage risk and for optimising field decommissioning activities

Abandonment in Practice

  • Planning for and dealing with risk and uncertainty – Rigs vs LWIV – contracting strategies - record keeping

Cost Estimating and Budgeting

  • Reflecting uncertainty in cost estimates – cost estimating methods and Guidelines – balance sheet liabilities – budgeting, AFEs and project cost management

Case Study Exercise

  • An example field abandonment exercise to pull together all aspects of well abandonment in the context of and overall field decommissioning project

New Technology

  • A review of existing and developing technologies that are likely to appear over the next 3-5 years

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