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Coming Soon - Decom North Sea Member Portal

Decom North Sea are currently developing a Member Portal - with the objective of being a user friendly, easy to navigate portal which provides key information on all matters relating to decommissioning.

The content of this portal is currently in development, and as such the information on this website is in a transitional phase. 

For details on the portal, please contact


“Around the world, after stopping production, all offshore installations have to be removed, reused or disposed, depending on the regulation of the area in which they were operating. This phenomenon is called decommissioning. “

There are over 600 offshore oil and gas installations in the North Sea, 470 of which are in UK waters. These include sub-sea equipment fixed to the ocean floor as well as platforms ranging from the smaller structures in the Southern North Sea (similar in size to Big Ben) to the enormous concrete or steel structures as big as the Eiffel Tower and much heavier in the Northern North Sea.

To view more information, you must be a member of Decom North Sea. If you are a member of Decom North Sea, please ensure that you are logged in to your member account. These pages include:

Market Intelligence

DNS have collated a number of key industry sources and reports in one place for the convenience of their members

Business Opportunities

In this section you will find information on current contracts for decommissioning projects.

Current and Completed Projects

DNS have collated a number of completed and current project information from operating companies in the North Sea. This includes information about forthcoming decommissioning plans.

Case Studies

DNS have collated a number of case studies submitted by Decom North Sea Supply Chain Member Companies.

Market Projections

DNS offers you market projections on the decommissioning market in the North Sea

Ports & Decommissioning Yards

DNS have collated information on ports and yards in the North Sea. This includes information about decommissioning capabilities.

Well P&A

DNS have collated information about well P&A in the North Sea. This includes information about the process and the different types of rigs operating in the North Sea.

More information about becoming a member of Decom North Sea can be found here.

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