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New decommissioning E-learning module from Strategic Decom

Offshore decommissioning consultants Strategic Decom have launched the first of their e-learning modules - Fundamentals of Decommissioning Oil and Gas Infrastructure.

With an already established reputation in the provision of public courses, consultants at Strategic Decom have developed and launched an hour long online e-learning module Fundamentals of Decommissioning Oil and Gas infrastructure. This module offers participants the opportunity to acquire essential decommissioning knowledge from recognised experts that have many years’ experience in major decommissioning projects. 

The course aims to provide comprehensive insight into the fundamentals of oil and gas decommissioning for all new and existing stakeholders in the decommissioning sector. The content includes: infrastructure; legislation; process, techniques and technologies; waste management and liabilities. It also makes use of project case studies and presents future decommissioning considerations.

Richard Heard, managing director at Strategic Decom explains: “many organizations have adjusted the resource available for learning initiatives and to that end providing a module in an online format offers cost effective opportunity for the operator and wider supply chain communities to broaden their decommissioning knowledge base”.

He continues “at the recent conference in St Andrews we heard more about collaboration, cooperation and efficiency being critical factors in moving the decommissioning debate forward. With a common understanding of the current position and the challenge ahead, well-informed teams can foster more innovative practices which in turn will bring us closer to these goals.”

The Fundamentals of Decommissioning Oil and Gas Infrastructure course is relevant to: engineers; senior managers; project managers; service providers and financial and legal professional and is hosted in the recently launched information portal, a cloud based tool that hosts an extensive repository of decommissioning knowledge and resource.\training 

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