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Swedish Waterway Cleared: Capsized Vessel Refloated

Ardent salvage crews successfully used a parbuckling method to right and refloat the cargo vessel, M/V Sternö.

The vessel was loaded with 1,400 tons of grain when it suffered a collision, and rested on a jetty structure with a 54-degree list.

Ardent crews were mobilized in late Feb. 2017, completed the operation, and delivered the vessel on Mar 22.

“We mobilized salvage crafts and equipment, and connected three strand jacks to bollards on the opposite side of the river to parbuckle the vessel,” said Johan Foks, Ardent Salvage Master.

“There were a lot of elements that we had to battle. The icy weather and the traffic on an active ship channel were big considerations,” said Foks.

“The parbuckle operation corrected the list to 11 degrees, and then we lightered the cargo for the refloating operation,” said Rob Rutten Ardent’s Naval Architect for the M/V Sternö.

“Once we pumped the water out of the engine room and holds, the vessel refloated and was stabilized at a four degree list. We maneuvered the vessel through the locks and moored it quay-side for remaining cargo discharge. The vessel was at a two degree list once we were finished,” said Rutten.

By the Mar 22, the vessel was towed by the Svitzer Bob and Svitzer Bonden from Lila Edet to Gothenberg, Sweden.

Ardent simultaneously refloated the M/V Skagern with a separate team, 7.5km upstream from the M/V Sternö on the river Göta älv on Mar 9.



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