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Decom North Sea – Board of Directors

Marine & Logistics - Dick Lagerweij, Boskalis, GM-Global Decommissioning
Dick Lagerweij has started his career at sea, worked onshore for ca. 20 years with marine service companies & offshore contractors. Serving a wide range of markets: Marine civil construction, Renewables as well as the O&G market. Services ranged from project management, engineering, procurement, transport, installation to decommissioning. Within Boskaiis Dick is responsible for the global Decommissioning portfolio, both the business development and commercial phase as well as execution of Decommissioning contracts. At DNS, Dick has served 2 terms as a Director, in support of DNS' members in the European Decommissioning supply chain. Boskalis supports the development of standardized Decommissioning contract formats as well as support lessons learnt programs and collaboration initiatives, e.g. initiated through DNS. Dick will bring a "hands-on" mentality to the table.

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