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So that Decom North Sea can address the current and future needs of its membership and key stakeholders, sub-committees were formed made up of our Board of Directors.

The purpose of these groups is to ensure ongoing and appropriate governance as the association grows and develops in pursuit of its long term strategic vision as well as to provide specific guidance and advice to the Executive Team.

Governance and Administration

To provide support, advice and guidance to the executive team on nominations, remuneration and audit.


To ensure that any projects undertaken by the executive team on behalf of the members meet the overarching strategic objectives, are clearly defined and delivered within a set time and budget.

Marketing Communications

To ensure a strategic communication plan is in place to deliver effective and consistent communication to all stakeholders, to advise the executive team on the type and frequency of events and to ensure delivery of high quality events which meet the overarching strategic objectives of Decom North Sea.

  • Governance and Administration

    • Nigel Lees
    • Kevin Illingworth
    • Andrew Sneddon
  • Projects                                     

    • Robert McCaig
    • Donald Martin
    • Andrew Sneddon
    • Stuart Wordsworth
  • Marketing Communications

    • Tim Eley
    • Simon Gibb
    • Mike Pettigrew
    • Will Rowley
    • Ron Van Der Laan
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