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Decom North Sea has partnered with Scottish Enterprise and the Oil and Gas Authority to create a Decom Directory consisting of all current companies who can service the UK/UKCS decommissioning market. Decom North Sea approached the following organisations to request for them to submit a company profile for inclusion in the directory: Decom North Sea, Scottish Enterprise (SE), NOF Energy, Furness Economic Development Forum (FEDF), International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC), East of England Energy Group (EEEGR), First Point Assessment Limited (FPAL) and Energy Industries Council (EIC). Thank you for everyone that contributed, we will aim to keep this a live document to ensure users can benefit from a current and accurate database.

The directory captures the capability of almost 300 supply chain companies which can service the UKCS across the 17 newly defined decommissioning supply chain work break down structure (WBS) categories; from planning stages through to site remediation and long-term monitoring. The decommissioning supply chain structure has been developed to align with the industry recognised Oil & Gas UK WBS.

Directory last updated: 28/01/2019

Do you want your company details to be included?

If you would like your company to be included within the Decom Directory, please download the submission form here and follow the instructions below.

Instructions for Submission:

The tab ‘Matrix (for edit)’ is where you can indicate where you have capability. Copy and paste either the green or blue colour (according to the key) and indicate a ‘C’ where it is your core business). The tab ‘Definitions and Evidence’ is where we have the definitions for each activity (please ensure your capabilities align with our definitions). We ask that for each activity highlighted within the Matrix, you provide some evidence of capability which can be:

  • Project Numbers
  • Approved Marketing Material (attach this in return email)
  • A link to the service on website
  • A few bullet points detailing the work the company has done in relation to this activity

If you have indicated an activity as green and have not provided evidence, we will either have to revert this activity to blue or remove the item from your profile.

Please also ensure you indicate where your company has Operational Presence (e.g. facility or site which is an operational base, not a head office or an office providing a support function) within columns ‘CO – CU’ of the Submission Form.

Lastly please complete the Decommissioning Focal Point Contact details section and indicate if you give consent for contact details to be shared amongst Decom North Sea Members.

Please email completed forms to, and we will look to verify your submission and include your profile within the next update of the Decom Directory.

Next Updates

  • Monday 25th March 2019 (deadline for submissions Monday 11th March 2019)

Contact Us Should you have any questions, would like to get involved with the directory or provide feedback on ideas for improvements when developing this directory in subsequent years, please contact

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