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Decom North Sea – Board of Directors

Operators – Roy Aspden, CNR International, Decommissioning Project Manager
Roy joined CNR International in 2011 to lead their significant decommissioning project portfolio which begins with the Murchison field. Through personal example he has consistently ensured that CNRI personnel play an active role in sharing knowledge and in stimulating the development of North Sea decommissioning capabilities and opportunities.

With a Canadian parent company, extensive work experience in Norway and the Netherlands as well as UK, Roy is a self-confessed internationalist, committed to a Decom North Sea that represents constituent members from all North Sea nations. Prior to CNRI he worked for AMEC leading numerous large projects, latterly as business stream director for their decommissioning unit. An alumnus of Cambridge University's engineering department with over 30 years of international oil and gas experience, Roy brings a passion and enthusiasm to driving improvement in the offshore decommissioning segment.

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