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Onshore Disposal & Waste Treatment - Simon Gibb, Augean North Sea Services Ltd, Managing Director
Simon has in excess of 25 years' experience in the Oil & Gas Industry, working in service organisations with offshore and onshore operations. Through his career he has gained a reputation of service excellence and delivery of results that led to his first director appointment 6 years ago.

With his own insights into the potential of Integrated solutions for the Industry, Simon had the vision five years ago to set up a company that could truly offer complete waste services for the North Sea. He led the establishment of Augean North Sea Services Ltd. in order to leverage the expertise and assets of Augean, the specialist waste management company. He has progressively diversified the business to cover the comprehensive range of offshore wastes, including NORM, and the support services that ensure that the client benefits from a complete solution. 

Simon brings entrepreneurial enthusiasm to the Augean goal of sustainable management of waste: delivering the best environmental outcome with health and safety assured. His proudest achievement Is the continuing safety record of over ten years without Lost Time Incident across all of Augean North Sea Service's offshore operations. 

He is leading Augean's growth into decommissioning, both onshore and offshore, with the first projects completed in 2015 and the partnership with Dundee Ports recently established. Tactical and organisational delivery are the key factors Simon believes Decom North Sea should be providing for all stakeholders and he has the experience, skills and personal engagement to play a valued part in the governance and delivery of Decom North Sea. 

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