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Decom North Sea – Board of Directors

Steven Simpson, Brimmond Group, Business Development Manager 
Having been part of the DLG for the last 2 years, Steven has gained a good understanding of where Decom North Sea wishes to grow and develop as well as provide an ever-increasing portfolio of services and market intelligence to the membership.  Internationalisation, Market Intelligence and collaboration are some of the key focus areas going forward for DNS which are areas that provide a great personal interest to Steven and of which he has over 15 years of experience in.

Bringing experience of Business development, Business & Marketing (B.A Honours degree), commercial, negotiation and market research, Steven aims to make himself both approachable and available whenever possible to discuss any appropriate matters. Within the Decommissioning sector itself, Steven has first-hand experience of both the issues and opportunities that organisations have whether it be in P&A, Wells, Crane and lifting applications and removal processes, and feels that with increased support, exposure and collaboration then all levels of organisations can greatly benefit from a wide scale of perspectives from safety, cost, availability and innovation. 

Steven is a diligent and approachable professional that will strive to become a link and voice for current and new members in what he believes to be a defining 3-5 years for the decommissioning sector.

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