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Decom North Sea – Board of Directors

Major Contractors – Torleif Gram, Aker Solutions, Senior Vice President
Aker Solutions is one of the most experienced contractors in decommissioning and recycling North Sea installations. For more than 18 years it has executed a number of large decommissioning projects safely and cost effectively, providing novel innovative solutions and demonstrating its commitment to deliver. Torleif Gram has been accountable for all this work. Torleif has worked for the company since 1974. He has been dedicated solely to decommissioning since 2008 and prior to that he was Executive Vice President for all MMO work, which included decommissioning in its remit. This responsibility has seen him develop strategies and execute many projects. These include large scale projects such as the Frigg Cessation Project (including MCP01) – the biggest decommissioning scope undertaken to date - and the Maureen A removal – the world's largest oil and gas structure to be decommissioned. Torleif is currently overseeing the execution of decommissioning services for CNRI's Murchison installation, a contract awarded to Aker Solutions in the summer of 2013.

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