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Established in 1987, Arkwright is a strategy advisory firm with a staff of about 100 professionals and partners, with offices in Hamburg, Oslo and Stockholm. Arkwright is owned by senior staff.

At Arkwright, we are pragmatic about methodology and passionate about creating results for our clients. Because every client faces its own set of unique challenges, we believe that each one requires tailored, client-oriented advice based on strong analytical skills and deep business know-how. We contribute to our clients’ success with expert industry insights and facts that matter.

 We help our clients develop and implement value-creating strategies. To secure results, we strive to be business- and practice-oriented in order to craft actionable strategies that build sustainable value.

Arkwright closely works with a wide range of private corporations—both small cap and large, blue-chip companies—all of which share the objective of optimizing their businesses and increasing profitability.

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