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Company Overview

Bernhard Schulte is a multinational family owned shipping company with its headquarters based in Hamburg, Germany and 30 offices all over the world.

All together Bernhard Schulte employs about 20,000 people, owns about 100 vessels, did supervision of about 450 new-builds and manages about 600 vessels.

With Bernhard Schulte Offshore GmbH (BS Offshore), Bernhard Schulte has a dedicated company for all offshore activities.

BS Offshore knows that the situation in the offshore oil and gas market is demanding, with the low oil price pushing charter rates down and projects being postponed. We know that, in the offshore industry, cost reduction is also an issue, but note that this kind of situation is one that Bernhard Schulte group has long been familiar with from the commoditised merchant shipping sector in which we primarily operate. The Bernhard Schulte Group has adjusted the way it works to provide high quality services at competitive prices, and this same approach is now being made available to the offshore industry through BS Offshore.

BS Offshore is an asset provider for the industry, meaning it delivers tools for industry clients to fulfill the needs of their customers. Vessels are tailor made to meet the actual requirements of the projects.

BS Offshore successfully transferred the virtues of optimized processes, a lean organization, the purchase power as one of the largest ship managers in the world, competitive and sustainable financing and a vigilant risk management from the merchant shipping to the offshore segment to allow competitive charter rates coupled with high quality ship management.


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