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BMT Cordah Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the BMT Group, is a leading multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy with extensive experience in providing support to decommissioning programmes. 

Having been involved in many offshore programmes since 1994, we have successfully delivered a range of Decommissioning Services, including; preperation of environmental scoping reports; full EIA's; detailed estimates of energy usages and gaseous emissions; Comparative Assessments of pipelines and cutting piles; BPEOs; environmental risk determinations (ENVIDs); in-depth environmental support to decommissioning engineering teams; Comparative Assessments of options for decommissioning structures that are candidates for derogation under OSPAR 98/3; prepared permits, Marine Licenses, PWAs, and Consents to Locate; and compiled full Decommissioning Programmes for Consultation before facilitating the submission of formal Decommissioning Programmes to the Secretary of State.

BMT Cordah has also undertaken several detailed research studies which inform the decommissioning process including: generic assessment of the environmental impacts of different decommissioning options for all oil and gas installations in the UK North Sea; options for the treatment and disposal of historic drill cuttings; and the long-term modelling of the physical and chemical persistance of historic drill cutting piles, and the potential release of chemicals to the marine environment.

Additionally we have completed a number of energy and emission reports and studies for decommissioning projects which have included the evaluation of energy & emissions at the concept or planning stage of the project, and detailed estimates of the net energy use and the total gaseous emission that would be associated with each option for each of the Brent decommissioning project.

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