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Company Overview

DeltaLifter Technologies AS (“DLT”) owns a patented concept for cost-effective removal of the substructures of redundant offshore steel oil & gas production platforms, so-called jackets.

The DeltaLifter is a barge-type vessel (un-manned; not self-propelled) solely developed for safe and cost-effective removal of offshore jackets. Using its geometry and ballasting system the DeltaLifter unit is positioned vertically and attached to the side of a jacket; by manipulating the ballast, it is thereafter turned to a horizontal position and towed to a recycling yard carrying the jacket, which is then skidded ashore. The prototype DeltaLifter unit is designed for removal of jackets weighing up to 8,000 tons, in water depths between 60 and 120 meters; however, larger units can be designed to handle even larger jackets in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

has entrusted ICE to promote and further develop the DeltaLifter concept www.icedesign.info

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