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At Jee, we support clients through all stages of the project lifecycle, from design through operations support, integrity management and pigging, to late life asset stewardship. When assets are reaching the end of their design life, are no longer economic to run or have become unsafe to operate, we work closely with clients to frame their decommissioning requirements.

Our technical specialists can support from early planning right through to implementation. We have been involved in several decommissioning projects for operators, and have demonstrable experience of:

- Working within national regulations
- Gathering and analysis data to determine the best options in terms of safety, costs, environmental impact and technical feasibility
- Liaising with regulators and Government
- Identifying the post-decommissioning obligations of the pipelines owner in terms of surveying
- Preparing all the documents for tendering including scope of works and specifications

We have proven experience of reducing the cost and improving the efficiency of decommissioning projects by thinking outside the box and challenging the status quo. Whether utilising novel survey techniques to identify buried components in support of the comparative assessment process, preparing derogation cases, or overseeing the development of new technology to increase safety and efficiency, we always consider alternative approaches which may benefit our clients' decommissioning projects.

We can also deliver technical training on decommissioning to help you and your team gain the knowledge they need to plan, manage and execute decommissioning projects. 

Find out more at jee.co.uk 

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