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Company Overview

In partnership with Titan Torque Services, Lee energy Systems introduce The Gator Perforator to the UK market, adding these field-proven plug and abandonment technologies to an established range of oilfield related products and services provided by Titan.

As a safer alternative to wireline perforation and the elimination of explosives, these expanded capabilities improve oilfield safety and reliability, improving wellbore quality and efficiency in downhole abandonment operations. 

Working alongside Titan, Lee Energy are delivering straightforward solutions to improve operational safety and efficiency to upstream operations.

Eliminating the need for explosives, you reduce the risk involved, the footprint on the site with less personnel, equipment, no radio silence or hot work permits.

The tool uses work string (coiled tubing or jointed pipe) pressure (1,100-2,500psi) and blades to cut holes into your casing, penetrating cement and formation rock and could be used to perforate several sections of the same casing size in one run.

Its diversity opens opportunities through well decommissioning in a much safer, cost and time-effective way.

It achieves very large, high-speed, cross-sectional cuts that significantly increase the flow area. This tool has been run with bridge plugs and packers in one run for pumping and squeezing, dependent on your applications.

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