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Company Overview

In the decommissioning sector, every company, department, engineer and manager has a message to deliver. Technical uncertainties, multi-disciplinary teams and the basic need for multiple companies/organisations to operate efficiently, require that these messages must be clearly delivered and reinforced. 

At Marketec, we help managers, engineers and technicians to understand, plan and do things. We are in the business of technical communication and our speciality is the design and manufacture of physical visualisation systems and props.

  • For sales and marketing, this could be a hand-held model or a display prop to illustrate and demonstrate the features of the technology or service.
  • For management and planning it could be magnetic whiteboard system that is used for technical or stakeholder briefings, or investigating “what-if scenarios”.
  • For coaching and training it could be a system of physical props for practising the configuration or maintenance of equipment.
  • For group exercises such as emergency response or business resilience it could be a table top or board mounted simulation system.

Let's discuss your messages and how we can help with delivery, reinforcement and audience engagement.

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