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The Met Office has been forecasting the weather for over 150 years.

With our Marine Centre of Excellence in Aberdeen, we provide solutions through the critical phases of all types of marine operations worldwide – whether it's project planning using historical data, assisting with day-to-day operational support, or future-proofing in relation to climate change.

As a global forecast centre, the Met Office receives, processes and reroutes vast amounts of data every day. We have thorough control of the whole weather forecasting process which means we are not only reliable but also flexible.

We are a significant contributor to the global understanding of climate change. Playing a key role as world-leading advisors, we provide clear science on the facts of climate change. The Met Office is internationally recognised for its resilience and commitment to security. Our supercomputer can do 125 trillion calculations per second and is one of the most powerful systems in the world. This is the result of investment in high technology systems to guarantee the most accurate and detailed weather.

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