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Company Overview

Navigator Terminals is an independent bulk liquid storage provider with over 1.28 million cubic metres (cbm) of storage capacity. Formed in 2016, Navigator operates four terminals, each strategically located in major UK ports and serving key demand centres within the UK.

Increasing environmental awareness has led to an increase in demand for suitable storage and new disposal routes for hazardous wastes. Recent investments in a wide range of suitable tankage, and qualified staff enable Navigator Terminals to provide both competitive and innovative market storage and handling solutions for hazardous, non-hazardous and NORM products (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) typically originating from the North Sea.

Navigator Terminals has the capability to offer safe, cost-effective storage and handling for some of the leading players in waste management and recovery. North Tees has the capacity and approvals in place to handle almost every type of waste and recovered products from all kinds of industrial processes in the oil,chemical and biofuels sectors.

All our UK terminals are COMAH registered and licenced for the secure storage of hazardous product across a wide range of tank capacities.

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