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Company Overview

Nordic Chemical Solutions are highly experienced suppliers of specialist environmentally friendly decontamination chemistry and the procedures to apply it. Each product is targeted to remove a specific contaminant or type of contaminant (whether organic or inorganic, including NORM scale). The chemistry can be applied either in steam or in an aqueous solution. To date, in excess of 500 steam decontamination projects have been completed on topsides (platforms and FPSOs).  

Overall, NCS chemistry has been applied on over 5000 projects in the North Sea sector, and currently (2018) the company has an over 70% share of the offshore chemical decontamination market in Norway. Up to mid-2018, NCS chemistry has been used for chemical decontamination work on 12 North Sea offshore platforms. Focusing on time and cost savings and waste minimisation over mechanical decontamination alternatives, NCS has many verifiable case studies to substantiate the savings claimed.

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