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Company Overview

Ocean Power Technologies is a pioneer and world leader in wave energy technology.  Our PowerBuoyTMconverts wave energy into electric power.

  •     Founded in 1994
  •     Public company (Nasdaq: OPTT)
  •     HQ in Monroe Township, NJ USA
  •     Patented, proprietary technology (multi patents awarded and pending)

 Outstanding Capabilities to Support Your Global Operations!

OPT’s renewable ocean-wave based electric power generation technology will offer the Oil & Gas (O&G) market potential new solutions that could drive down project Operational Costs (OPEX) & Capital Costs (CAPEX) helping to make current fields that offer low commercial returns more attractive for development.

Oil & Gas Applications for PowerBuoyTM

Drilling / Post-drilling

           - Monitors wells prior to completion


           - Reduces size of production umbilical / Provides power and or commsto satellite wells


           - ROV/AUV charging


               - Monitor wells / Reduces need for support vessel after platform / FPSO is removed

AUV’s / Resident ROV’s

              - Increases range / mission duration of AUV by providing power recharging station & communications platform

              - Provides independent power source & communications platform for resident ROV’s

              - Provides real-time communications platform / method to download data

              - Reduces need for support vessel

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