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We are Consultants, Brokers and Advisers. Working with you not only to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle your Waste and Material, but also write and train your team on Management Systems (EMS), gain contracts via tender, set you up to best handle materials from your clients and aid you in working to European Standards required by most Multinational Businesses. Be it Hazardous Wastes from Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration, NORM's (Normally Occurring Radioactive Material). Decommissioning works and Planning.

Auditing Subcontractors to give you confidence in cradle to grave accountability. We have advised on International Waste movements using TFS (Trans-frontier Shipping). Provided logistics to Oil Platforms/Rigs. Worked with Foreign Governments and Environmental Ministers to discuss best practice and aided our clients in the winning of contracted works. We work alongside you to create Transfer Stations, Increase Margins, Environmental Management Systems, Policies and working procedures to the outlets for your Wastes and Recyclable material.

Being Independent Technical Waste Services (TWS) can look at the whole market solution's and advise you on a cost / best practice route for all your Waste needs. 

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