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Wood is the largest provider of brownfield services to the oil and gas industry;

 providing pre-operations, hook up & commissioning, operations & maintenance, engineering, construction, project management, training, late life asset management and duty holdership into decommissioning.

Decommissioning is a core WGPSN function with over two decades of experience. Our Aberdeen-based Decommissioning Centre of Excellence (DCoE) provides seamless comprehensive access to our decommissioning services across all WGPSN global regions and may be provided as a standalone service or as an integrated service. Wood Group can support all phases of the decommissioning activity from topside and subsea decommissioning expertise, late life of field operations through facility preparation, removal, final disposal and close-out.

As the leading oil and gas contractor on mature assets, you can trust us to prepare plans, facilitate the removal of your redundant facilities safely, cost effectively, and in an environmentally appropriate manner that maintains your reputation.

We now apply that unique insight to ensure the safest and most efficient approach is chosen for the End of Field Life phase to optimise P&A support, de-energising, physical isolation & cleaning, topsides preparation, substructure preparation, and site remediation.

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