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Company Overview

Using innovative visualisation technologies ZynQ 360 builds bespoke Visual Asset Management (VAM) solutions.

We support our clients around the world, in the effective, safe management of their assets whilst delivering high level protection of facilities and personnel.

Through collaboration, our visualisation process allows all stakeholders to make informed operational decisions that impact positively on the business.

ZynQ 360 is a unique, cloud-based collaboration tool that can be used across desktop and mobile devices. Deployed locally or online, the user interface was designed to be easy to use, and powerful enough to integrate into any enterprise environment. From small to large and simple to complex, ZynQ 360 offers rich, user-friendly features that support collaboration, getting the right information, to the right person, at the right time, and in the right format.

Secure Cloud Based Application 

Desktop and Mobile Compatible,

Measurement, Document Linking

Drawing and Mark Up Tools

Notes And Annotations

Asset Tagging

Work pack Planning

Powerful Search Features

Customisable Alerts and Flagging

Direct Link Sharing

360 HDR Spherical Imagery

360 4K Spherical Video

Capture Technologies

In the virtual world, everything moves quickly and at ZynQ 360 we understand that innovation is key to enhancing the visualisation experience.

Putting you at the epicentre of where you need to be, when you want to be there, we will keep you at the forefront of visual innovation development. Our experts are continually exploring future technologies which we believe, will ultimately add value to our clients.

  • 3D Visualisation
  • 360 Photogrammetry
  • 360 Video
  • Point Cloud Generation
  • Virtual Reality
  • UAV Drone Capture
  • Laser Scanning

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