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2 Day OSPAR for Offshore Oil and Gas Chemicals Workshop

Chemicals used in the exploration, exploitation and associated offshore processing of petroleum in the North Sea are required to be registered under the OSPAR Harmonised Mandatory Control System (HMCS) for the Use and Reduction of the Discharge of Offshore Chemicals.

Day 1 will introduce you to the core principles and main features of the current OSPAR HMCS in the OSPAR countries. The course will also explore the requirements for registration of chemicals under the scheme as well as the completion of the HOCNF form.

On Day 2, participants will be introduced to risk assessment principles for offshore chemicals. Participants will learn the basic principles of the Chemical Hazard Assessment and Risk Management (CHARM) model, developed to assess environmental risk related to offshore chemicals in the marine environment. An overview of the risk-based approach implementation process in OSPAR signatory countries will be provided.

Participants will also learn about global regulations for oilfield chemicals in the following jurisdictions:

  • Canada
  • United States of America
  • Australia
  • Africa
  • Saudi Arabia

If you would like to book the first and second day of this workshop separately, please contact training@yordasgroup.com for more information.

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