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Decommissioning : Technology Innovation Platform

Event to highlight cost, safety or environmental benefits of decommissioning technology

Innovation’s key role in delivering benefits to decommissioning activities will be highlighted at an event organised by the Oil & Gas Innovation Centre (OGIC) and Decom North Sea. The “Decommissioning: Technology Innovation Platform” event will provide the opportunity to learn about new and existing technology that has cost, safety or environmental benefits and is applicable to the sector. 

Ten companies will present their technology, which has the potential to help companies achieve the 35% decommissioning cost reduction targeted by the Oil and Gas Authority.  The Technologies that will be presented at this free event, will be at a variety of stages of development including ready for market and concepts which still require further support.  

Confirmed Speakers include Colette Cohen, chief executive of the Oil and Gas Technology Centre and Jim Christie, head of decommissioning at the Oil and Gas Authority. 

Event Programme
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