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January 2019 Bitesize Decom

The Bitesize Decom series of events have a strong focus on the latest late-life and decommissioning updates, upcoming plans and opportunities from operators and contractors and key case studies.

Decom North Sea knows it is imperative that those who need to understand the decommissioning market are equipped with the knowledge and tools with which to make the most of an industry whose UK spend alone is forecast at an estimated £17 billion over the next decade (Oil & Gas UK Decommissioning Insight Report 2017). This is a significant commercial opportunity for the supply chain, in particular those companies offering cost-efficient solutions which could help restore competitiveness to the basin.

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This Bitesize Decom event will include presentations from Eric Faulds, Aberdeen Harbour Board, Bilfinger Salamis, Schlumberger and Subsea 7.

  • Eric Faulds Associates
  • Aberdeen Harbour Board
  • Bilfinger Salamis UK Ltd
  • Schlumberger
  • Subsea 7 Ltd
Eric Faulds Associates

L2P2 Installation & Pipeline Decommissioning Cost Estimating Tool
Eric Faulds has been involved in North Sea projects for over 50 years split roughly 50/50 between new projects and decommissioning. During that time cost estimates have been prepared for decommissioning over 450 North Sea assets using in-house software. In advance of full retirement, it is intended to make this software publicly available by publishing on the L2P2 website. Eric will give a live demonstration of the tool in action.

Aberdeen Harbour Board

Making Decommissioning Easy
It is a little known fact that Aberdeen Harbour has been successfully and safely involved in decommissioning activities for over a decade.  As Europe’s premier marine support centre for the oil & gas industry and the main commercial port serving North East Scotland we are perfectly positioned and uniquely well connected across all elements of the supply chain to support decommissioning activities, and the opening of Aberdeen South Harbour in 2020 will add further capability and flexibility for operators and service companies alike.

Bilfinger Salamis UK Ltd

Asbestos: it was a good idea at the time

This presentation will include: 

·         Introduction to Asbestos

·         Surveys

·         Case Study

·         Locations where asbestos has been found

·         Is there still a problem importing asbestos materials

·         Diseases

·         Training


Schlumberger WIT Decommissioning Technology: Sealed with Confidence
An insight into a number of new Schlumberger well integrity technologies applicable to the decommissioning market, including sealant advancements and software capability, with the inclusion of select case histories to illustrate their application.

Subsea 7 Ltd

Subsea 7 / i-Tech  7 - Approach to Decommissioning
Subsea 7 are a world-leading contractor in seabed-to-surface engineering, construction, decommissioning and services provider to the offshore energy industry. Providing cost-effective technical solutions that enable the delivery of complex projects in all water depths and challenging environments. Subsea 7 -  i-Tech 7 products department created a dedicated decommissioning service line to fully support our clients projects globally. Pulling in specialists with strong backgrounds in decommissioning allowed us to form a dedicated decommissioning department, with a sole focus on providing our clients an experienced cost effective approach to decommission.

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