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Sharing Good Practices – Cross Industry Engagement with Karl Sanderson, NDA

Join us for our free Decom Digital Webinar with presenter Karl Sanderson, NDA at 2pm on Thursday 4th June 2020

Decom Digital is the newest series of webinars and podcasts, providing you with key decommissioning industry updates, trends and opportunities along with tips on how to adapt your business to the “new” ways of working.
Karl Sanderson will share key decommissioning lessons learnt deriving from programme of engagements sponsored by the nuclear and oil & gas industries, and also involving defence, utilities, rail and renewable energy.  
There will be an opportunity for Q&A session during this Webinar.
Don’t miss this opportunity to listen, learn and engage! 

This webinar is available exclusively to employees working within Decom North Sea member companies. For information on how to become a member, please visit https://decomnorthsea.com/join...

Register Here: https://my.demio.com/ref/7Y8gi...

Please send your questions, comments and feedback to: events@decomnorthsea.com

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