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Development Of Safety Case Guidance And Technology Solutions Workshop

ABB, ITF and Genesis Launch Industry Initiative to Reduce Decommissioning Costs

Development of Safety Case Guidance and Technology Solutions for End of Life

For offshore structures in the UKCS, there is a legislative requirement to maintain a safety case throughout the operations, late life and decommissioning phases, until completion of the agreed decommissioning plan scope of works.

The Joint Industry Project will develop detailed guidance that will support operators in the planning of decommissioning and updates of the offshore safety case through late life and into decommissioning.

The industry guidance will include details of the major accident hazard management through the EoL phase to decommissioning. The guidance will also include a plan for safety case revisions, and the management of Safety and Environmental Critical Elements (SECEs), including assurance and verification of their performance. Guidance will also be provided on other aspects of decommissioning including risk assessment and human factors.

The developed guidance and technology solutions will be developed by the UKCS stakeholders. ABB in collaboration with Genesis will provide structure, funding, project management, challenge, technical safety guidance and facilitate the capturing of knowledge.

There are 3 primary aims for the project, namely

  • Development of industry guidance that will support EoL Major Accident Hazard Management (MAHM) and safety case to supplement existing regulator guidance and facilitate EoL safety case submissions and operations
  • Understanding of the key systems, services and safety critical elements that will be kept operational during EoL phases
  • Providing a platform to showcase technology solutions from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to large organisations that support the industry’s target to reduce decommissioning costs by 35% to 50%

The project will be collaborative with UKCS operators, dutyholders, legislators, consultants and contractors with knowledge or a vested interest in the area asked to participate. This will be an open and collaborative project funded by ABB, supported by Genesis, benefiting the industry in UK and farther afield. Supporting the goals of making Aberdeen the centre of excellence for decommissioning globally.

The timeline for the project will be agreed following the concept phase, but is anticipated to be in the 6 to 9 months (from appraise to the technology showcase).

A detailed project schedule will be developed during the appraise phase.

The main deliverables from this JIP will be:

  • A guidance document will be offered freely to all members who contribute to the JIP
  • Report from a technology showcase, that will enable all companies to share technology they have that will reduce decommissioning liabilities, associated with the issued guidance


Image Credit: ABB



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