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Press Release Sept 19

EnergyPods to support Central North Sea Platform

Amphibious Energy is proud to announce it secured a contract for the delivery of two EnergyPods for Wood in the UK. These 100% renewable power units will support a decommissioned platform in the Central North Sea with its load requirements until complete removal. 

These first of its kind EnergyPods not only deliver continuous and peak loads for the platform, but also provide 24/7 remote surveillance monitoring. This includes, but is not limited to, wind speed, solar radiation, temperature, smoke detection and live videorecordings. Our EnergyPods reduce operational costs by not only replacing the traditional diesel generators, but also reducing the maintenance intervals.

The second generation EnergyPod has been designed for it to be lifted and assembled by crane, as well as transported and assembled by helicopter. For the first time, a renewable system will offer the operator a simple ‘all in one’ plug-and-play system. This will reduce the complexity and safety risks for platform conversions for renewable systems, and simultaneously will significantly cut the installation costs.

In addition to various purchase options, Amphibious Energy now also offers the possibility to lease.


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