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First Edition of Managing Offshore Decommissioning Waste Guidelines published by Decom North Sea

Decom North Sea announced the publication of its Managing Offshore Decommissioning Waste Guidelines, produced in conjunction with D3 Consulting Ltd, during last week’s annual Offshore Decommissioning Conference.

Developed in close consultation with regulators, operators and supply chain, the Guidelines focus upon the numerous regulations, regimes and consultations required in the safe and effective management of materials and wastes generated by offshore decommissioning.

This first edition is based upon draft guidelines which were issued to the industry in June 2018. Following a call for feedback from all involved in the sector, more than 400 comments and suggestions from regulators, operators and the supply chain have been received and incorporated into the published version.  In addition, opinion and comments were also incorporated as the result of four workshops including input from representatives across the industry. 

D3 Director, Martin Bjerregaard explains the requirements for such guidelines: “Offshore decommissioning waste management is a highly complex process. The stringent regulation of that process is critical; it's vital to the protection of both the environment and human health.

“Trapped gas in valves, asbestos, residual oils and fuels, mercury and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) are all considerations within the waste management process. Therefore industry must have the guidance and subsequent understanding to manage and report waste correctly and by standardised methodologies. Access to best practice and lessons learned is the most efficient way to ensure this takes place."

Pamela Ogilvie, Business Manager of Decom North Sea adds: “Both SEPA and the EA have observed that thus far, decommissioning programmes have not included sufficient information to satisfy waste hierarchy and classification.  

“Therefore, the high level of engagement and feedback from our members and the industry as a whole has been incredibly encouraging, proving that waste management is a real focus. There is clearly a genuine desire to ensure guidelines on the matter are in place, as the decommissioning sector continues to gather pace.”

The Managing Offshore Decommissioning Waste guidelines are available to view / download at bit.ly/managingoffshorewasteguidelines   

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