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Government Response | Strengthening the UK's offshore oil and gas decommissioning industry

The UK Government has issued a response to the call for evidence on the decommissioning sector.

in March 2019, Government launched the Strengthening the UK’s offshore oil and gas decommissioning industry Call for Evidence, to identify the potential opportunities that will arise from the development of a world-leading domestic decommissioning industry.

This call focused on issues that are crucial for both operators and the supply chain. The two central themes that the call for evidence asked questions on were:

• How could the UK decommissioning industry further improve its ability to serve the UK market, support the Maximising Economic Recovery (MER) UK Strategy and reduce the overall costs of decommissioning; and
• What could be done to encourage the domestic industry to export its decommissioning expertise abroad and position Scotland, together with the rest of the UK, as a world leading hub for decommissioning

Read the response report in full here.


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