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IGI’s New Environmental Geochemistry Consultancy Services

IGI Ltd are pleased to announce the development of their new environmental geochemistry consultancy services in the areas of monitoring of hydrocarbon gas emissions and forensic oil geochemistry, which aim at supporting Oil & Gas companies during the energy transition period. Their developing environmental geochemistry services include: 

  • forensic petroleum geochemistry for the industry and regulatory institutions to manage hydrocarbon production in an environmentally sensitive manner;
  • monitoring of in-situ methane and CO2 concentration data and identification of sources and sinks;
  • modelling of methane and CO2 fluxes from O&G and CCS infrastructures above regional background values, providing independent assessments in support of exploration and production companies in legal cases;
  • development of tailored UKCS databases storing relevant geochemical and other supporting data for use in identification of enhanced greenhouse gases concentrations. 

In line with the UK’s Oil & Gas Authority, they believe that two of the most influential factors for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions during the transition period include maximizing hydrocarbon recovery from the UK continental shelf to supply the national demand, and supporting the rapid net-zero transition to the blue hydrogen-CCS synergy through the use of real-time emissions monitoring and of forecasting models. 

IGI is also offering independent forensic petroleum geochemistry consultancy services, based on their specialist expertise in oil geochemistry, to support O&G companies and national regulatory bodies in unravelling contamination sources and to plan and monitor the decontamination of sites.

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