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Last scheduled flight from Murchison

Bristow Helicopters gave the passengers on its last scheduled flight to and from CNR International's Murchison platform in the North Sea a special fly-past viewing to mark the occasion. These pictures, by Bristow pilot Captain Jonathan Binnie, were taken during the flight.
Murchison, one of the largest platforms in the North Sea, ceased production in Febraury 2014.
CNRI plans to complete a decommissioning program on Murchison by 2019, with the jacket scheduled to be removed in 2017. The program will include 34 platform and one subsea well.
The 254m-high, from seabed to flare-tip, Murchison platform is in Block 211/19, in the East Shetland basin, in the northern North Sea, 190km north-east of the Shetland Islands.
It comprises 26 topside modules, for drilling, production, and accommodation for 263 people, weighing 24,500-tonne, supported on an eight-legged steel jacket, weighing 27,600-tonne, in 156m water depth.
The Murchison field was discovered in July 1975, with first production, operated by Conoco (UK), in 1980. At its height, the Murchison platform produced 150,383 bbl/d, a peak reached on 26 December 1982.
Over its life, it has produced around 400MM bbl, from 98 production wells, representing a recovery factor of over 50%.
CNR International became operator of Murchison in 2002. An asset integrity management, reservoir management, well repair, and infill drilling campaign saw the field life extended by 10 years, delivering more than 22MM bbl during this period.


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