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Launch of Ground-breaking Decommissioning Tool

Decom North Sea, the representative body for the offshore decommissioning industry, have launched the ground-breaking Late Life Planning Portal.

Click Here to Access the Late Life Planning Portal.

The operational website – also known as L2P2 – has been designed to support the North Sea oil and gas industry in the planning and execution of late life and decommissioning projects. Providing a single access point for knowledge sharing and cross sector learning, L2P2 reflects Decom North Sea’s overarching objective to bring the regulators, operators and supply chain together to create the  co-operative environment required by the decommissioning industry.

Roger Esson, chief executive of Decom North Sea explains the drive behind the portal: “Decommissioning is a long game, with over 40 years of decommissioning activity yet to take place and around 90% of North Sea assets yet to be decommissioned. For that to happen as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible in the long term, we need to make good decisions in the Late Life phase. 

“Taking that into account, it is easy to understand why Decom North Sea has developed a portal which provides the ultimate decommissioning toolkit: a repository for lessons learned, a forum for discussion and a gateway to contacts, analytics and market intelligence. At this stage in any industry, a toolkit such as this provides fundamental support in achieving the overarching objectives of efficiency, simplification, standardisation and cooperation.”

Project workstream champions have populated the portal with what have been characterised as foundation tools and lessons learned. Decom North Sea business manager – and L2P2 project manager – Pamela Ogilvie explains why industry engagement is a fundamental to the portal: “It is now up to industry to share the tools and processes that have materially added value to their decommissioning projects, so that others can share the benefits. 

“Given the incredible level of genuine collaboration on this project to date, I am confident that L2P2 will be adopted as an industry standard information portal – we believe the potential is limitless.”

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