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Managing Offshore Decommissioning Waste: Have Your Say

The management of materials and wastes generated by offshore decommissioning involves numerous regulations, passes over many regulatory regimes and has a whole raft of stakeholders involved. This can be complex.

That is why Decom North Sea and D3 Consulting Ltd. are developing industry guidelines on how to Manage Offshore Decommissioning Waste. The draft guidelines were presented at Decom Offshore 2018 and is now open for industry consultation.

We encourage the industry to review and comment the document to ensure that the guidelines are robust and fit for purpose. The guidelines development has centred around the five principles of waste management as defined by BEIS and SEPA and included in the BEIS “Guidance Notes (Draft): Decommissioning of Offshore Oil and Gas Installations and Pipelines” of December 2017.

These five principles comprise:

  • The Waste Framework Directive
  • Duty of Care
  • Early Engagement with the Waste Management sector
  • Active Waste Management Plans throughout the decommissioning cycle
  • Inventory of Offshore Materials and Wastes.

These guidelines are being developed in close consultation with BEIS, SEPA, the EA and the HSE. This group will expand to additional stakeholders as the Guidelines develop further.

Please click here to download the Managing Offshore Decommissioning Waste Guidelines


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