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Neil Mc Kenzie

Profits Rise by 92% for Alba Power

Alba Power has recorded a near doubling of its profits two years in a row thanks to strong international sales and the success of new product lines. 

For 2015, Alba Power has announced an increase in its pre-tax profits from 2014 of 92% to £3.56million (2014: £1.85m), on sales of £21.4million (2014: £16.8m).

By comparison, Alba Power’s pre-tax profits for 2014 had themselves shown growth of 92% from the previous year.  

Alba has started work on a workshop extension which will double the size of its Netherley facility next year. We have also relocated our offices in the US to Houston from North Carolina due to expansion of business requirements and in response to customer demand. The new facility in Houston places Alba Power’s US facility close to our strategic customers and allows us to provide a more responsive service to customers in the US. 

Alba Power’s 2015 results include two substantial decommissioning and relocation projects, one for PDO in Yibal, Oman and the Amethyst Decommissioning Project for Centrica Storage in the UK.

The Yibal Project involved the decommissioning and removal of three Avon GEC packages from Yibal Power Station in Oman; the Amethyst Project involved the removal of two Avon 1535 gas turbines and two Allison 501 Gas Turbines.

The Avons from both projects joined Alba Power’s fleet while the Allison 501s were broken up for spare parts. 

The power turbine from Amethyst was removed and broken for parts.

The Amethyst control system, skid and exhaust stack have been re-used in Alba Power’s test bed. The gas compression unit is now in Alba Power’s store ready for re-use or for recycling into spares.

Working in over 16 countries, in every continent Alba Power is looking forward to the future with a strong apprenticeship programme, an expanded facility and two new product lines, introduced in 2016.


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