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Xodus Delivers Tunisian Decommissioning Study For TPS

Xodus Group has delivered a decommissioning and abandonment study for wells, surface and subsea facilities in Tunisia on behalf of Thyna Petroleum Services (TPS).

Xodus developed a decommissioning cost estimate for four onshore fields, one offshore field and two onshore storage and processing sites. The six-week study provided a high-level risk and opportunities assessment and reviewed regulatory and environmental aspects for facility and infrastructure removal.

The scope of work also included the creation of an asset register, the development of an abandonment strategy and site remediation in line with current industry best practice and in-country regulations.

The study allows the joint venture partners to define their cost liabilities towards decommissioning as well as a timeline for the project. 

Xodus views Tunisia and North Africa as growing areas for decommissioning. Last year, the company delivered a similar scope of work for a large offshore complex in Tunisia.

The company also performed a study of decommissioning procedures in Tunisia compared to the North Sea - understanding the regulatory regimes and execution practices to include in cost estimates and methodology.

Steve Swindell, Managing Director of Xodus Group said: “This project was a success as result of the support the TPS team has provided through the project team and close interaction with the Xodus project team. We have conducted similar types of work in the region and this experience was vital in advising TPS with this important project.

“Our integrated decommissioning capability means we can offer practical knowledge and experience of the regulatory framework for decommissioning, as well as cross-discipline technical safety and environmental support, integrity support and cost modelling expertise.”

Mr Nizar Taga, finance manager of TPS said: “The study achieved the objectives it was set out and the Xodus’ project team was successful in applying its deep understanding of decommissioning to inform the JV partners the key drivers that can materially impact the overall decommissioning cost and schedule.  Xodus highlighted the risks and mitigation strategies that, if implemented, would reduce several of the inherent uncertainties associated with decommissioning a multi-asset field.

“There was a tight schedule for the work with uncertainty over data which Xodus successfully overcame through use of in-house tool. We are very pleased that Xodus had the capability and expertise to deliver this quality work to the partners requirements.”



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