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Xodus launches new asset lifecycle app

Aberdeen engineering specialist Xodus Group has launched a new asset lifecycle tool at Subsea Expro aims to help oil companies asset integrity issues.
Developed by Xodus engineers, Hawxeye is a cloud-based web app which allows operators to focus on investigating and preventing failures rather than locating and analysing data.
Xodus claims it replaces complex and hard-to-share spreadsheets and is geared to screen assets for vibration, erosion and corrosion related issues.
Complex data from monitors and piping and instrumentation diagrams is brought together into one user-friendly interface creating instantly accessible and transparent information for both internal company use and external reporting.

Historical data throughout the asset and project lifecycles allows the online tool allows concise data to be used to inform asset integrity management and continuous improvement programmes.

By screening against industry standards and allowing inspection at any time it is aimed at helping reduce the need for costly repair and replacement work, as well as the implications of lost production and project delays.
Data from the Health and Safety Executive states that 35% of all piping and pipeline failures are caused by vibration, erosion and corrosion with more than that $10billion estimated losses for vibration failures in the US.
Graeme Rogerson, operations director at Xodus Group said: “Monitoring the condition of piping and pipelines with access to accurate information is vital, as seemingly small changes can rapidly lead to large-scale damage.
“Our research with operators showed that spreadsheets, the most common method of storing asset data, add time, complexity and frustration to the ability to screen and prevent failures effectively.
“Hawxeye can be used by any organisation facing piping and pipeline condition issues in difficult to reach equipment, which is a costly issue for the industry.”



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