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The aim of the Decom Directory is to provide a comprehensive directory of suppliers with validated capabilities mapped by key activities in each of the major decommissioning categories.  This enables buyers, and others in the sector to rapidly, and with confidence, identify all potential suppliers in each distinct aspect of decommissioning from planning to execution. 

The directory captures the capability of supply chain companies across 17 defined decommissioning activities aligned to Oil & Gas UK’s Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). It is a searchable database, with the ability to sort and filter by activity and verified capability i.e. case studies, accreditation, as well as location and other attributes. The current directory has been developed by a Special Interest Group within the Decommissioning Leadership Group (SIG DLG).  See below for the background to its evolution. 

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The Late Life Planning Portal (L2P2) has been developed for the industry by the industry and has evolved from a roadmap of activities and key decisions across the timelines of an oil and gas asset, from late life operations through to the end of production and ultimately decommissioning. L2P2 is an operational website designed to provide a single access point for knowledge sharing and cross sector learning. It is also a repository for tools, guidance, case studies and lessons.

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