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ITT on Plastic-less Society

Activity: Feasibility Study 

Opportunity: Marine litter is a global issue, impacting seas and freshwater systems. Plastics constitute the majority of marine litter (OSPAR commission) and scientists predict that plastic waste in the ocean will amount to 250 million tons by 2025 (J. R. Jambeck et al., Science). 

Key Focus Areas:

  • Monitoring and modelling plastic pollution in the ocean
  • Monitoring and improving the logistics of plastic collection 
  • Tracking and tracing goods along a supply chain to reduce the likelihood of products or waste products ending up in water bodies
  • Identifying illegal activities, such as waste dumping into oceans
  • Improving waste management techniques 
  • Supporting the selection of new recycling infrastructure and improving recycling techniques
  • Performing ex ante analysis of recycling missions impact
  • Developing tele-education programmes tailored to developing economies: educate the local communities on marine litter and plastic impact to the environment

The activities will be 100% funded up to €200K per activity.

Responding to an open competitive Invitation to Tender (ITT) requires the submission of a Proposal. The Proposal will be evaluated according to ESA regulations and procedures.

The opportunity deadline is 27th October 2020.

Please see here for more information: https://business.esa.int/fundi...

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